Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Sit-up is one of the best exercises for fat reducing it is most effective exercise for reduce the belly fat. The structure of the body will spoils by belly. Most of the people want to reduce belly fat to obtain slim and stylish body look. The procedure or method for doing sit-up are given below. By doing sit-up you can reduce belly this is best fat reducing tips.



First lie down in the floor which is in the flat form the legs must be straight and knees should be at 90 degrees. Feet must be in the ground it should be parallel to the floor. Now close the eyes and two hands must be near to the ears. Then with the closed eyes take the breath deep by doing this blood circulation will increases and also mind will be relax state.
 Now the belly region completely on the floor in rest condition, now try to move up the upper portion of the body and do a full crunching motion. During this procedure the stress must be concentrated on the belly region which will strain the abdominal muscles. Don't pull your neck while doing sit-ups while it affects your neck region. Do 3 sets of sit-ups with 8 to 12 repetition each with proper time interval between each set of sit-ups. This exercise is similar to abdominal crunches except that in crunches but sit-ups are more effective than the abdominal crunches. This exercise should be comfortable to do in in-door you can do it in the outside if there is fresh oxygen is available. By doing this exercise you can reduce belly fat this is best fat reducing tips.

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