Monday, 14 May 2012

Fruits for fat reducing

Fruit by itself requires no digestion.  It must be eaten on an empty stomach and given 20 minutes to an hour.  It immediately starts to provide nutrients as long as it is un-impeded by other solid foods.  Adding fruit to a stomach with food in it causes it to sit on top, ferment and be very bad for you.  Always drink a glass of water before eating fruit and an hour after to rinse the stomach of any traces of the fruit.  Different fruits have different rates of digestion with bananas being the longest at about 45 minutes to an hour.
I found that when I learned this about fruit, I was finally able to eat strawberries again. I used to get hives when I ate them, but by eating them properly, had no problems.  This rule of proper fruit consumption is from the theory of natural hygiene which you could read about in many locations.


  1. Do you think Apple also reduce fat ?

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  2. This is interesting. Now I know when and how to eat fruits. But you said fruit by itself requires no digestion. How is that possible? And how does our stomach extract the nutrients and distribute it?

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