Thursday, 10 May 2012

Reduce Sugar For Fat Reducing

To reduce fat you have to change your calorie balance it helps you to maintain the body fat. When you reduce sugar, you might encourage your body to reduce fat, because the body uses available glucose, blood sugar, for energy and then glycogen. The energy stores in your body as fat. Sugar and food which are prepared by sugar will cause blood sugar to spike increase insulin which promotes fat storage.

reduce sweets for fatreducing

Tip To Reduce Sugar For Fat Reducing
  • Take your meals and snacks with lean protein and low fat food. Make shakes with low fat milk and fresh bananas or berries to reduce calories.
  • Reduce sugary beverages, such as sugar sweetened coffee, tea, lemonade, cool drinks and sodas. These drinks add many empty calories to the diet and can contribute to increase the body fat.
  • Take moderate amounts of heart healthy fats, such as safflower oil or olive oil, to promote stable blood sugar. Eat whole foods supplies your body with fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for your health and helps to satisfy your appetite so you can cut down on unnecessary sugar.

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