Monday, 27 February 2012


One of the reason for fat is depression some problem or incident make you tension and push you in depression state. However you must avoid depression to fat reducing.
The depression leads not only fat and also cause several health problems like blood pressure and other problems. Some people eat more amount of food when they are depression state. There are various types of emotions that affect your mind and your activities. Similarly some people eats more when they feel bore, or helpless these leads them to depression state.

 HOW TO AVOID DEPRESSION FOR FAT REDUCING:                                  

  • Insomnia and another type of effect of depression also function like a link between depression and body fat. Since insomnia will cause fat gain and also depression.
  • If you feel bore or helpless you watch the comedy movies by this you will come out of that feeling.
  • Spend daily few hours for speak with your friends for family members.
  • Read the storie books or newspaper. These are some of the way to avoid depression for fat reducing. Avoiding depression is also a fat reducing tips.

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