Saturday, 25 February 2012


If you have tried to lose fat and failed to keep your motivation keep in your mind strong motivation leads you a successful way to fat reducing. Many people want to lose their fat but they fails in their motivation. They concentrate in their diet and exercise for maximum for one week, but it’s not enough for fat reducing doing this regularly will lead you to reduce fat or body weight and also it will help you to maintain you weight to keep your body slim.

List given below are strong motivation for fat reducing which helps you encourage yourself whenever you are fail in your motivation. This list will help you to deal with temptation of laziness, fried food, potatoes, and food which are high in calories.Strong motivation is the great fat reducing tips.

  • Take a photo of yourself  while you are in overweight. Keep that photo with you at all times.
  • Keep a picture of your favorite actor, actress or play model. Whenever you feel uninterested to lose weight, take a look at his or her. This will make you to become like him or her which leads you strong motivation to lose your weight.
  • Create a chart: note the date, calories eaten, calories burned, food taken, exercise done and weight. Update this detail in this chart every day except your weight. Weight should be updated in the chart weekly.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror everyday and visualize you being slim and trim that you always wanted.
  • Watch fitness and exercise TV programs every day. After looking at people who working out and eating healthy, it will also encourage you to lose weight.
  • Look at photos of people who lose their weight. These types of picture or photo are contains in internet a simple search in Google will gives several of results.
  • Make the exercise a fun activity; listen to your favorite music you can do exercise or walk by doing this you will not get tires soon.

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