Monday, 5 March 2012


Apple is enriched with lot of nutrients and minerals which is essential for the healthy life of human beings. The apple belongs to the family of rose and it is found in the costal are of Asia and Western Europe. There are  numerous  varieties of colored apples with amazing properties we can found, Some of the colors found in these amazing apples are green, red, yellow and pinkish colored apples. There is a proverb about an apple do you have heard that “ AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY”, The meaning of this proverb is taking one apple in our daily diet will protect you from various diseases.  An apple has several benefits it reduces the blood sugar level and protects from diabetic. The apple controls the cholesterol level and reduces the unwanted fat. Apple is the best choice for fat reducing. Taking an apple in our daily diet is the healthy fat reducing tips.

apple for fat reducing

  • Medium size apple contains 80 percentages of calories and zero percentage of saturated fatty acid and cholesterol.
  • The apple is rich in soluble fiber these fibers reduce the hungry feeling and helps to reduce the body fat and also prevents for diabetics.
  • The apple reduces the blood sugar and also blood cholesterol level which is important for reduce fat and also for a healthy life.


  • You can take apple in the form of juice which boost up your energy level and reduce the blood sugar level and also reduce the tried feeling.
  • Take apple has salad or soup for fat reducing. These are some of the way to take apple for fat reducing by following these fat reducing tips unwanted fatty contents in your body will reduces and you will gets healthy body.

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