Friday, 16 March 2012


The onion is cultivated in many areas and it belongs to the family of lily. Onion is in different varieties each one has different properties. The onion irritate our eye while cut it but it has so many medicinal benefit. The thiosulfinates, sulfides, sulfoxides, and cysteine sulfoxides are responsible for the irritation of eyes and also for it flour. The onion is used to cook different varieties of food items. It adds the special flour to the food.

onion for fat reducing

Onion is the best medicine to cure asthma and allergy problems. The onion is less in calories and rich in the water content. Eating raw onion our body temperature will be controlled. The onions are also best medicine for cold and cough. The onion has the capacity to prevent from cancer. The onions are rich in sulfide this prevents from the growth of tumor. The onion controls the cholesterol level and also reduces the body fat. It reduces the coding of blood and thins the blood.

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