Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Many of them don't like the excess of fat under the upper arm; similarly fat on the belly but it is the hardest to deal with and also it is health risks also. If your want to reduce the belly fat and to obtain better hip. You must follow some steps to away from the Belly Fat.
You should make commitments with yourself until the excess of belly fat will reduce. The commitment definitely required for fat reducing program. You should have awareness about food you consume and want type of food you take.
Take a note and note how many calories you took daily and also note your weight weekly once. You must set one inch of waist loss per month. This will help you to reduce the belly fat soon.

Diet plan for belly fat reducing

food for belly fat reducing
  •  You should stay away from taking simple carbohydrate food items take rich complex foods. 
  • Increase taking more fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich source of vitamins and minerals. 
  • Drink more water which helps to reduce the fat. Avoid taking alcoholic food items which help to store the fat in our body. 
  • The sugar and sugar made food increases the body fat so to reduce body fat avoid taking sugar and sugar made food items. 
  • Cook the food by boiling or steam boiling process by this will get nutrition and at the same time your body fat will reduce soon

Exercise plan for belly fat reducing

fat reducing exercise
  • Yes exercise places an important role in fat reducing program. Sit-up is the best exercise for reduce the belly fat at first it is difficult to follow you but after few days it will became as you life style. 
  • The fat reducing is necessary for both health and beauty. Do the exercise 30 minutes per day. If you have any friend with the same condition we can joint them with you in this fat reducing program it will be more effective. While doing exercise you can join them and you will enjoy more and tried feelings will not come soon. Dancing is also another best exercise for reducing belly fat. Follow these fat reducing tips and have better life style.  


  1. If your want to reduce the belly fat back exercises for strength and to obtain better hip. You must follow some steps to away from the Belly Fat.

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